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                  關于兩屆IOTE 2022物聯網展合并舉辦公告!

                  2022-03-25 17:26

                   關于兩屆IOTE 2022合并舉辦公告



                    將2022年4月26-28日的IOTE 2022第十七屆國際物聯網展·上海站合并到8月的IOTE 2022第十八屆國際物聯網展·深圳站舉辦。





                    非常感謝您一直以來對IOTE國際物聯網展的關注和支持!更多資訊歡迎關注官方渠道:官網(https://www.iotexpo.com.cn  )和官方公眾號(搜索:物聯網展)。


                    Announcement on the Merger of the Two IOTE 2022 Sessions

                  Dear Exhibitors,Visitors and Partners,

                  Affected by the recent spread of COVID-19 in many places in China, and under the latest prevention and control guidelines of COVID-19 on the exhibition activities issued by relevant Shanghai government departments, the organizers have decided to ensure the health and safety of all exhibitors, visitors and participants after careful research, coordination and communication with various parties :

                  "The IOTE 2022 17th International Internet of Things Exhibition·Shanghai from April 26-28, 2022" will be merged into the "IOTE 2022 18th International Internet of Things Exhibition·Shenzhen in August"

                  Exhibition Date: August 18-20, 2022

                  Exhibition Address: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center ( Address: Convention and Exhibition Center, No. 111, Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen )


                  IOTE 2022 18th International Internet of Things Exhibition·Shenzhen Exhibition area of 60,000 square meters, 800+ exhibitors, 20+ forums in the same period. Shenzhen, as the birthplace of IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition, has been deeply cultivated for 13 years, gathering AIoT core technology, from technological innovation, hardware procurement, system integration to the implementation of application solutions, fully witness the development process of the AIoT industry, and continue to contribute to industrial cooperation, application implementation, and ecological integration!


                  We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by the adjustment of the exhibition schedule to all our friends! At the same time, the concurrent activities and audience activities of the exhibition will also continue simultaneously. As a professional platform service organization for the IoT industry, we will try our best to do a good job in market promotion and service guarantee under the condition of more sufficient preparation time, to present a safe and high-quality Event of the Internet of Things industry for exhibitors and visitors.


                  Thank you very much for your continuous attention and support to the IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition! For more information, please pay attention to the official channels: the official website (https://www.iotexpo.com.cn  ) and the official WeChat Public Account (search: iot-expo).

                  Best Regards ,

                  IOTE Organizing Committee

                  March 25, 2022




                  IOTE 2022第十七屆國際物聯網展-上海站 IOTE 2022第十八屆國際物聯網展-深圳站
                  ISHE 2022 深圳國際智能建筑電氣&智能家居博覽會 ISRE 2022 第七屆國際智慧零售博覽會